In the planning process of the health tourism package, our patients can prepare the duration of treatment together with Mer-Tur if they wish.

If our patients want to be informed about the preliminary examination, they will send us the patient reports and examinations, then we will share the details of their treatment according to the notifications of our specialist doctors and tell them which method will be applied.

Our priority is always your health; Before you apply for Mer-Tur, you can make a comparison with all medical technologies and have access to information about health centers. For medical applications that require treatment, you can reach the price options and make the most appropriate option by comparing. Mer-Tur will be with you on every subject.

The package is prepared according to the treatment of the patient and the details are shared. The patient is allowed to come to the city where he will be treated with the preferred flight.

  • Flight Ticket
  • Hotel – Accommodation
  • Hospital

The patient may choose his own package.

  • If the patients’ health is not suitable for air travel, the air ambulance takes the patients from their own locations via Mer-Tur.
  • When patients come to Turkey they are welcomed by Mer-Tur, then hotel or hospital entrance is provided.
  • After providing comfort to the patient, the patient is accompanied by a Mer-Tur authority.

  • The patient’s treatments will be performed in accredited hospitals where the latest technology is applied and there are doctors who are specialized in their fields.
  • By providing the patient with a feeling in his own country or even in his own home, and interpreters from the language of the patient, we ensure the patient’s peace of mind and offer comfortable communication.
  • The patient’s health is important for Mer-Tur! We stay with the patient providing all our services 24/7.

  • While the patient is discharged at the end of the treatment period, Mer-Tur makes all the informing about the surgical operation and related checkups.
  • Depending on the medical condition of the patient, Mer-Tur provides accommodation at a 2-day luxury hotel and allows him/her to stay away from the hospital atmosphere.
  • After resting, the patient is transferred to the airport.
  • After returning home, Mer-Tur will keep checking up on the patient until complete recovery.

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The Ancient City Of Troy

The ancient city of Troy, famous as the site of Trojan War that Homer described in his epic poem The Iliad, was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1998. It dates back to the 4th century BC and is located on the lower slopes of the ancient Mount Ida, within the boundaries of Çanakkale province. It is one of the most famous archaeological sites of the world.

Troy was first mentioned in Homer’s epic poem The Iliad, where it is described as the ancient site of the Trojan War.

The Ancient City Of Ephesus

Ephesus, which is located near the city of Selçuk in Izmir, played an important role in all historical periods due to its geographical location. It is situated between Europe and Asia; and located in the central region of the Aegean coast of Anatolia.

The earliest traces of human settlement in the region of Ephesus can date back to the Chalcolithic period (6th-4th millennium B.C.). In the 2nd millennium B.C., it is known that a centre of power of greater than regional importance was located at Ephesus for the first time.


Cappadocia region was formed 60 million years ago by erosion of soft layers of lava and ash from Mount Erciyes (Argeus), Mount Hasan and Mount Güllü composing with wind and rain over millions of years.

Human settlement at the Cappadocia region dates back to the Paleolithic era. The lands where the Hittites once lived have been one of the most important centers of Christianity in the later periods. Houses and churches carved into the caves and rocks turned the region into a huge heaven for Christians escaping from the dominance of the Roman Empire.

Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut (2552m) is located in southeastern Turkey, 87 km from Adıyaman, and is part of the Taurus Mountain range, above the Euphrates River valley. It is the site of extensive ruins of the tomb of Antiochos I (69-36 BC) of the Commagene Kingdom.

It is believed that the Seleucid Empire (312 BC- 63 BC) gained control of Commagene during the reign of the late 3rd-early 2nd century BC Seleucid king, Antiochus III the Great. This control lasted until c. 163 BC, when the local satrap, Ptolemaeus of Commagene, established himself as independent ruler.

Pamukkale Travertines

The travertine is a slip formed by a multifaceted chemical reaction and subsequent precipitation of various causes and environments. The geological events that led to the thermal source of Pamukkale affected a large area. In this region, there are 17 hot water areas with temperatures ranging from 35-100 degrees Celsius. Pamukkale source has been used since antiquity.

The thermal water comes from the source with a channel of 320 m length per travertine, and from there it is poured into the travertine floors where 60-70 m of partial sedimentation takes place, and it travels 240-300 m on average.

Treatment Centers

Meet quality accommodation options and thermal pleasure where you can feel at home during your treatment.



Combining the academic approach of Istinye University and the seamless service understanding of Liv Hospital, Istinye University Hospital Liv Hospital Bahçeşehir has the vision of “Excellence in Healthcare Services” with its patient-oriented approach, expert staff and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Opening its doors in December 2016, Istinye University Hospital Liv Hospital Bahçeşehir was established based on the MLP Care’s knowledge and experience spanning a quarter century in the field of healthcare.



MER-GROUP, operating in many sectors such as automotive, insurance, tourism, agriculture, hospitality, educational institutions and geothermal energy is a corporate group which aims to provide well-regarded projects and services, with the vision to be one of the leaders in the international arena as well.

MER-GROUP, away from prejudices in all sorts of areas of activity and never compromising professional ethics and discipline, furthermore identifying using the highest level of modern management techniques and technologies as its primary mission, is proud to accomplish the project MERADA THERMAL RESORT & HEALTH CENTER in Turkey’s most popular and prestigious resort area Dikili, Hayıtlı Cove.



Getting into the act in the Turkish hospital business since 1995, Medical Park Hospitals Group serves patients in 29 hospitals located in 17 cities. It is, now, the pioneering actor of the sector with closed area of 718 thousand and 965 square meters, 211 operating rooms, 5 thousand 240 beds and more than 16.000 employees.

Enabling all patients, irrespective of socioeconomic status, access healthcare services at international standards based on the principle “healthcare for all”, Medical Park not only closely monitors all advanced technologies and therapeutic methods worldwide, but it also aims to serve as a model which supports science and innovative practices.



There are several stories about our Spa’s ancient origins. Two of them concern the adventures of Agamemnon over 3000 years ago. These tales are probably true. And thus our Spa is known as Agamemnon Spa.

But Ladies! You know well that men rarely discover anything. Like in Iceland today Our Hot Springs would have been even more treasured in the Ice Age. And right up to Agamemnon’s time it was Amazon Women who had the Power in Anatolia. Women developed our Spa 12,000 years ago! And Ancient Egyptian Map-makers and beautiful Cretan Ladies bathed here!



Kaya Izmir provides a luxury thermal and spa joy in a five-star hotel in a place surrounded by pine trees overlooking Izmir Bay.

Kaya İzmir being the most modern thermal treatment center of Turkey enables visitors to feel good in an environment of lots of oxygen and natural beauties supplemented with the means of modern medicine in the physical therapy and rehabilitation center.

Kaya İzmir is an ideal place to get regenerated for those looking for hospitality of Kaya equipped with congress, convention, wedding saloons in an environment of nature and with rooms having views of sea and forest.